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Un poco de Historia.

After Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem, Mary gave birth to her baby in a humble manger of straw in a stall next to the animals.

This place was the only thing they were able to achieve during their stay in Bethlehem. But they had the great honor and responsibility to raise and educate the child of God.

The heat of Mary, a poor and humble cot made of straw, blankets  for get him warm. At that moment, very nearby, a group of shepherds were resting with their flocks of sheep. In the starry nights, The shepherds used to divided between them to talk among themselves and protect themselves against wolves and thieves lurking in the area. Suddenly they saw a bright light, it surprised them and they felt afraid.

The light that dazzles was an angel who told them not to be afraid, the Messiah was born. They also explained how to go to the stable where Jesus was and how to find the little boy.

Thousands of heavenly angels sang in heaven  «Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men.»

In this way the shepherds came and found the stable with Mary, Joseph and a very special baby wrapped in blankets on a simple cot made of straw, as he had described the angel.

The shepherds knelt before the child and adored, told Mary and Joseph what had happened that night and the announcement of the angel.

Mary heard these words carefully, while She was strengthening thinking that all the things was directing by God. She knew perfectly well where her son was, and even though they were in a humble manger God got along with them.

In this way, Jesus the liberator that the people of Israel had waited for so long, was born in a stable, far from the brilliance of the great palaces and the festivities that usually surround the birth of a king.

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